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We are proudly Mississippi’s first commercial food and beverage fermentory.

Our company began as a passion project, rooted in food justice work and a deep love for Mississippi vegetables and fruits.

Lauren Rhoades, founder and owner, has been an avid fermenter since just after graduating college, when she took a class on how to brew kombucha. She soon became fascinated with the seemingly magical power of  bacteria to transform simple ingredients into delicious, unique and nutrient-dense foods.

In 2013 Lauren moved to Jackson to serve with FoodCorps, where she built relationships within the sustainable ag community, started school garden programs, and taught lessons on healthy eating and the food system to students.

She continued to share her fermentation passion with her coworkers and students, and, encouraged by their positive feedback, decided to introduce her fermented creations to a wider audience at the Jackson Farmers Market.

In March 2015, Sweet and Sauer began in earnest–that “side hustle” slowly grew into a full-time commercial operation.


Our fermentation kitchen is in The Hatch, a non-profit business incubator, located in the Midtown arts district of Jackson.

We continue to source our ingredients from local, sustainable farms, and share our passion with others through regular fermentation workshops and community events.

Sweet & Sauer products are always living, never heat treated.  Our goal is to strengthen Mississippi’s local food system through fermentation, using the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

If you’re interested in wholesale purchasing, hosting a fermentation workshop, or have questions or feedback about our ferments, please contact us!